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Track Name: Out of the Dungeon
dungeonfolkoneOut Of The Dungeon(1:12)(all ready to enjoy yr magicmedia?) this is the last one yeah n when i spit new dip im happier fitter for a bit so i guess i see myself admitting life aint to be quit but does anyone hear the difference in my tone from that to this when beavers were lungless was that the same math as his the same sunlite thats not happening disturbing trend is that just another cliche end i guess that you guess you think rap cant transmit enough clearness w/o stumbling major r forcing rhymes internal like vader in the trench entrenched in so much garbage hiphop n wading in our own blend just as much to be sat thru as stepped in r spat out you think selfpity is what this is about then ill break yr speakers down im here in yr den telling you that this styles finally@a final end we make a new song some call it no sunlite some call it nsftm i comprehend that i need a new rap n i make it for myself but the layers dont match approach overused to make one point but it falls deaf meaning deaf not whatever clever reference you want to insert we move to move move move not just to be come noninert but no sunlites asking you what does no sunlite mean to you fill in the blanks cos we dont make music just cos its what we do we made these raps for you yes you are you hearing this n math if thats yr voice yer hearing are you doing what im asking yeah youve made some rekkerds underrated underheard r pressless but the point is is it part of you are you human are you confused yet is this rap r is it wretched is this music r do you just fetch it
Track Name: Hands
twoHands(0:30)(were going to use our instruments but we dont want to make noise lets just really make music) (& you can feel it) (clap yr hands)
Track Name: Under the Sun
threeUnder The Sun(1:10)yes it is 20[11] flutter to shutdown higher signs of contact w lifeforms in swarms observing hiphop gone whack expose sculptures of beats w a putty foundation painstaking process of making sure we cause pains n cascading across tracks the maniac math throwing up yr hands like jumpingjacks but im pumping raps is he down deep down 20,000 leagues underground subterranean mainframe thrown into my torture sound iron maiden steeltrap the beats are never fading staying right not uptight but embracing chances n more stations more sources to throw in the mix a mind unloading hundred images the lions lying down in the basin rivers coming up the fishes swimming toward the heavens w their walkmans all pumping some new trend that wont save them but nothing comes back n once its out yr head its over i told you stay sober when lifes drunk w the posers themes overarching are themes overdone beats rhymes n marching to the words n the drums overarching themes are over n done nothing new under the sun
Track Name: Homemade Handwrote Music
fourHomemade Handwrote Music(0:34)(some people think that you cant have folk music unless you have guitars n banjos but thats really not true youve got so many different kinds of musical instruments got these crazy little dulcimers that twang only got about one note washtub basses homemade handwrote music no matter what kind now i think itd be a sad day for america if the only music came out of a loudspeaker n so) (we going to keep it raw)
Track Name: Copout
fiveCopout(1:52)(yer in magicmedialand) the no the sun the lite back w a decade full of rhymes we rock beats w the weirdest drums but its always our own design in our own way its what we like a sweet dulcimer melody only give you the realest dip that our minds can conceive n this songs for (a real cheap copout) real cheap copout dropped out n flopped out pop house representatives dont rep alternatives nervousless breakdown sounds of new promises dramafilled counselors choice of townhall thats it lesser evils better payments had the cake we ate it but theres really no deal yer still convinced by these politics relativist you cant believe it you aint budging but i know theres a judge who will judge those who aint judging if its all the same im never reaching for the remote if its all the same youll see no spells n no votes r you can hear that screaming demon inside of you that thing we call a human that you call a constructed view as much as you hated to see it it comes back if its only name is no sunlite well take that@least we wont fake that hey math that slippery slope of hope that wont payback a boot stomping a human face doesnt ring true if you dont even know that a human looks like you stare@the screen punch in n punch out@least we aint no real cheap copouts (godless dogma dedicated to world domination thru the destruction of all that we hold sacred) (remember these words from) (a real cheap copout)
Track Name: Devils Kiss
sixDevils Kiss(3:03)freeze mcs pause hiphop isnt better cos you know it all you always try n flex new styles technical skill but technicalities on the mic dont get ill hiphop to me reflects more than society it shows who you are whos hiding n why you be drenching bragraps in superfluous mutterings the best rappers do more than simply avoid stuttering buttering rhymes up w too much of nothing huffing n puffing n stumping n puzzling n if we cant tell what yer trying to say w too many words doesnt make you mc of the day so we cut back n teach on the basics trim off the excess minimalists so you can trace this if it means going back way back to the olde school well do it cos a yes yall still makes you move move n it duly rings true so let me reremind you what the mc needs to do (move the crowd) who you going to kiss if the shoe fits mcs have a duty to tell us whats up not to live in a dreamworld fantasy they made up thats why those who seem to be the dopest on the surface usually have nothing going on once you seek the internal theyve learned how to string a set of rhymes to some dissing but let me tell yall theres a magic thats missing half the rappers i rep have that simpleflow style if they can say whats necessary w/i their structure then theyre worthwhile but theres a personality that they manifest put their own stamps on the classics n they manage to make it the best for the course of 4minutes n some seconds they seem to control the world by controlling yr attention n did i mention lyrically being topnotch means addressing the world r yer just not hiphop mcs out of practice act disastrous not those who cant rap but those who lack passion those who crack cash in r do it for fashion mcs like that are whack n so we trash them whats the trick then to being a dope mc youve got to live in this world n express what you see you dont have to have skills honed by weeks w/o sleep you just have to have the guts to go for something unique n please dont forget about the need for hotbeats you can rock the mic if you keep us in our seats who you going to kiss if the shoe fits where o where does no sunlite fit into this why the time spent to address hophip fits to us this music has something especially sincere to hear the thoughts of a musician so directly n clear when the people take control of the words that they share you dont need fancy metaphors just an 8track n care all a part of this bigmash of olde scrapraps thrown altogether celebrating each new track honestly believing when we say we rock jams knowing its a fact we make a difference w no namebrands salesfigures show we aint concerned w going gold w the number@c. 219 lps sold 300 r so given away freely a bunch of shirts screenprinted about 1,000 cds but were globally effective by locally rejecting glamour n trends n all the pains theyre injected so know this all you mcs who top the critics lists not all of us are fooled let me know how well the devils kiss let me know what that kiss tastes like mcs get off the mic
Track Name: Dance Music Olde Music New Music
sevenDance Music Olde Music New Music(0:41)(now folks were going to play some good dancemusic if it aint right get right get ready now lets go)(lets sing another song boys this one has grown old n bitter) (i think you can take olde music n you can put some new stuff to it n its new music)
Track Name: No Stories
eightNo Stories(1:39)(all you friends n neighbors you listen to my song dont go telling stories what i did was wrong) flip the flow i grow on suckers like a skingraft the genuinedraft craft n raptraffic graphic i master it to trash halfwits breeching protocol on yall to wreak havoc halfback rap sumac poisoning purepaths identify the gaps n plant lilacs jack a hot track loop it til the rekkerd cracks leave yr clan a man down like (dak! dak!) trip no halfwit we make a style flip quick like fiddle to boombip dip hophip yeah we come equipped just rap dont sit just spit dont quit dont fib keep it strict legit@all times under oath like the president cos valuable words are like $ wellspent like teethe taken good care using sensodent you could find the real news listen to no sunlite you could find the real jams w passion cos theyre sung right no stories in the newspapers just listen to my words
Track Name: Coming Round the Mountain
nineComing Round The Mountain(2:11)yr fastpaced lifestyle aint my livingstyle making hits in style ill take my little while i fast from fastwomen fastcash n fastbeats i kick back n kick tracks n take my time thats sweet yeah ill take the longroad youll never catch me riding on the wrongroad im not saying be lazy but maybe mess around baby when yer chasing cant you ever find yr sound recognize theres a time for urban urgency rebelling insurgency n stirring up emergency but im primarily very agrarian prayers that are marian a hiphop american carrying on til midnight r 2:19 the workll get done so we stick to take it easy too much going on will make yr mind explode n i aint growing olde w/o making this music my own whoanow its a lowdown hoedown join us on the no sunlite moonbounce no protestant workethic were soakingup the moonbeams for a filthy establishment cant suck our energies thats why we say fight for yr right to no sunlite if yr party makes you move then it aint no waste of time if the jams are live you got a whole other level relaxing yr body dont mean yr mind must settle no sunlite tonight coming back around aint growing olde w/o making this music my own
Track Name: Loch Lomond
own tenLoch Lomond(4:49) these tunnels go for miles lets make it happen capn we be strapping bogusidols to missiles send them packing wealth of self vs the health of yr soul molehills r mountains@the eye of the needle persevere til were in the clear seer tv to yr brain n stain it w the drear time to create deflate the media weve gorged on restate our fate hold fast n forge on hit record pour raps on more songs force the filth out n right the worlds wrongs forward to the frontlines aint no stuntrhymes reforming the horrid glories deforming our pastimes the past aint perfect too much going on on n on clatter scatter mind awe silence is golden unless yr heads empty cos no one thinks effortlessly pump up yr mental muscle tussle w that sloth find the truevine get cut from that clothe beneath the fresh concrete theres a labyrinth of loops n cobblestone beats the sound of a ghost r a train passes by hug the walls stay out of the lite pull up the grate descend beneath the city find another brother in the darkness sid down here where radio cant reach us n down here yr broadcast cant misteach us go deep enough youll come out on the otherside a place thats ours where reallight shines truelight that warms yr skin i know i can feel it just ahead you take the highroad n ill take the lowroad n ill get to rapping before you my true loves a song n theres too much going on if you find her just ask her to sing for you kickpunch its all in yr mind seek fun in the bump n the grind teach a child that he dont need his mind i mind that mindset find it purify get relentless for the defense of the defenseless tense as it gets resenting words of false prophets triptim things looking pretty grim digging underground til the sunlites dim crawling in the dirt these tunnels go for miles well stay low til our message reconciles the plastic patterns lining streets of sleaze declare that the glare up here will make us freeze bring the world under tear layers asunder tectonic turbulence paired w thunder wondering why my people got caught up brought up believing theyre worth nought pride hits low smash that bro humility to the forefront picking out a weapon representing aint guessing but stressing every lesson thats pressing our sense of direction the futures in our hands picture a puzzle putrescent pustule societys pieties rotting in full view smearing new methods n numbing you got you pretending lifes ending is the interview but wouldnt that be nice lites out no price decisions are like dice roll them snakeyes done son hope living was fun picking pieces off yr soul whole reduced to none its time that we faced it reality statement were each given a soul extol r debase it erase every image thats been shoved in yr face embrace the blessings given to the whole humanrace we know to show truth tomorrow is too slow forgo delays lets go brush away blindness see w sanity find divineness n show humanity my fellowman indifference is like sand once its in yr eyes yer too tired to stand heres a hand take it man rise rest yr tiredeyes n envision paradise reinvigorating stating our intention up@the pearlygates everyone in heaven let us go down there let us not turn back to the dungeon now where the tvs black let us go down there where the sun dont shine we can drop a little truth media cant find let those cds scream@you let those rekkerds play that tune let no sunlite sing to you deliver those words that still ring true nana
Track Name: Silence
elevenSilence(2:10)(silence covered the sky) silence cover the sky run into our ears n hide quiet blanket the land sleep upon my tiredhands from higherplans am i a man to wish for quiet when theres riots need to be uncanned from ireland to maryland to back again ired fired sand in hourglass dwindling these eyes entranced the shining towncrier bellowing but whats the use its no longer the media but the math that needs new news jesus halfhearted saying names of sacredhearts hearkening back n singing n wishing these ages werent so dark it aint art if what yer askings whats the point it aint pointed unless the arrow sticks unless it smokes it aint the joint so what am i anointed r appointed silence r is this recharge the tuneup before the symphony the decimalpoint before the infinity the picking up the thread before the tapestry the blankcanvas prior to whatever it will be 12seconds of tapehiss before side b sometimes thats all i need silence
Track Name: Used Media
twelveUsed Media(3:08)you rate n watch clips n tricks on sick vids irate that it stink like brakes on the skids were burning the time like candlewicks kid watch too many flicks you get afflicted what the heck this is hell the checks in the mail expect the electorate rejects it to fail pity i might see the city@night its a hideous sight must get rid of this blight city of fallen angels hell a pleading the 5the im also guilty cant practice what i preach cos thats perfection below the radar escape detection i spit it straight w/o innuendo olde school as an 8bit nintendo break it down like a decrescendo til explosions happen@the drivethru window media used to be only media used to be rich n free become more than media corporate accountability i mix metaphors a bigset of drawers a bull in the candyshop get off the floors r get off the shores washed up in neworleans the oils foreign pour it on they strike a pose while the iron is hot the plot starts to thicken informed we are not quickly were stricken distracted by what the quicksand in this land is celebritytots media how easily this sleaze appeases poprapmedia meanings weakened people pleased w/o good rhymes r reasons this easterseasons such a beastly treason sacrificed like jesus r an unplanned fetus the luck is were stuck in the muck that they feed us what judas would do this not the cia not unabomber r osama but media in fact yr manufactured actor will fracture if you dont constantly back her crack her biting like a midnitesnacker we attack yr machine w only signs n placards like wheatthins we eat them too many to be thin we fat true that n we know where weve been yes i got class but no it aint upper i dine w finewine just@the lastsupper bus is broken n the kids are walking (magicmedia)
Track Name: Sunflower Bells
thirteenSunflower Bells(1:59)getback as i holdup the redflag sadsacks get hacked n thats that slept w the jetlag while we stir in no naps lyrical sasquatch backtalk for rap rock folk metal funk every style deserves sass n sack sassafrass dropping in w the splishsplash (in the key of metaphysical distress) distressed by not being impressed by they who dont challenge r even suggest it was best when left left alone w the rightleft 2turntables n a miccheck olde school respect reset for progress not for me next nor for comic effect beats rest no never til the needs have been met seasick teasets out for this no perfect 10s (that my silly friend is the sound of bells) everytime a bell rings remember the media stinks (i cannot believe the question) (his vivid imagination was attracted by sounds that were unusual n new he took a liking to strange harmonies that broke the traditional rules n scandalized his teachers)
Track Name: Fireworks
fourteenFireworks(1:17)the new news the noose nude nuisance n we read it but it really wasnt anything when the poet is enclosed in a trapped timemachine theories $ making $ theoretically empty headache from the nothing rhetoric sleeping treading slowly when the nextpop is shoppable drown below it bailing out is passed optional hopped on the crop has stopped captain lopsided powerbalance hog glopping crystalbowl seesaw the suns rotten not nodding dumdiddydumb drums got them we could pause time our whole life this island lotus ate hypnotized in this popopolis highland is yr land my plan is topped off fireworks cant work when fires wet from popsnot flopped on songs in rhyme now thats not wrong but how long can these songs support decaying systems did the poet jump out or is the wormhole broke is the wormhole clouded cos of our smoke
Track Name: Beaver Drumheads
fifteenBeaver Drumheads(1:56)(show me how to use that drum strike the drum w a stick that sounds like the beaver slapping the water w his tail i think ill play the drum to the beaversong if you didnt have a drum any olde pot r pan would do) lead by example samples are ample battle me gamble stamp r get trampled any mc who wants to get handled rhymes test on animals procter n gamble style while i rileup yr harmless ensemble chase you thru the woods like my man tombombadil yeah i will flash a skill leave them dead in their tracks flatten their flat bands n leave them in vats like a valueaddedtax taking all the greenbacks of a citizen witnessing this heinous face of janus one face wants yr will the other yr payments arraignments (this man killed every mc the only left be he sid) cant you see im a threat to these rapsocieties these beavers merely teethers im the father of their steez beaver please why dont you go back to yr trees ill be on the plain of victories conquering w ease
Track Name: Unthink
sixteenUnthink(0:28)unthink n eat n fall asleep r meet in this dungeon so deep
Track Name: Into the Dungeon
seventeenInto the Dungeon(1:21)the pigs birds mice monkeys slugs deer ducks boars sheep frogs tigers eels children grannies all of us going down to the dungeon you got something to say to me ill be in the dungeon covered in the dirt of longforgotten words sitting w a new ark a mark to find a spark hiding from the haze dont dare show us that lite blinded from yr ways we might turn out alright come down to the dungeon the demons are outside come now sneak underground dont even say goodbye / xoxo / dungeonfolk / no sunlite for the media / negative 666 hophip for 2011 / raps beats vinyl singing by nsftm / is this part i of ungulate undulations / rekkerds songs psalms by the dungeon / unthink eat repeat or / the homemade paper packaging is designed to rip so let it / the cdr is designed to skip so let it / raps are designed to dip so dont sweat it / nsftm.blogspot.com / xoxo /