Noise Dogs

by No Sunlite for the Media

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Noise Dogs Noise Dogs Noise Dogs Noise Dogs Noise Dogs Noise Dogs Noise Dogs
NSFTM was 9/09: Deirdre, Josh, Math, Monica, Trip | Noise Dogs by Neb
NSFTM-100 Noise Dogs: rekkerded at Trippy’s Attic on Tha Dungeon 8-track


released October 1, 2009



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Track Name: Broken Angels / Commander in Sharkskin
Broken Angels/Commander in Sharksin (1:29)
Foreign fortress of slobbering trolls
Spinning crackling American boils
Grizzly bramble faded fable
Command immunity broken cable
Cellphones are hurting the world’s communication
Tearing up the countries and destroying the nation

Captain the boat has sunk while you slept
With the princess’ clams
Flapping what you get
Track Name: Retroflexing the Youth
Retroflexing the Youth (1:30)
Peaceful government modeled fizzbin
We’ve got all these places lived in

Branchiate with a flying gibbon
Tied up fast with a rainbow ribbon
Track Name: The Barren Baron
The Barren Baron (1:28)
Locking stopping thinking and blocking
Snakeskin wrap me up dried out cracklen
Sort out the laundry my pink shirt
Doctor pepper home run
Greedy goblet to the path of fun

And we sink | We don’t need to sink
Ra! Ra! Ra!
Track Name: Mallard Barbers
Mallard Barbers (2:07)
The count is in insignia the sciences begin
Onward poison ivy marches while you scratch the skin
Shin splints sprint towards the end

On the cactus I have climbed
And spoke about the sun too many thousand times
I’ve read the signs and flown
The ducks are known to dive
The earth on the inside is hollow and I have touched the sky

Overwhelming souls are rending
Through a nebula defending
Inhospitably rendering inferior toys
Track Name: The First Noel
The First NOel (1:12)
Pine needles in a free fall
Wrapping paper in a cow’s maw
Shepherds chocking on tinsel
Burning angel eyes scorn the mistletoe
Virgin mother holds the savior tight
Joseph locks the nativity
In the inn we all look on
Our savior’s birth spit upon

Snowglobes raining dimes looking up past the clouds
Track Name: Damper Trunks
Damper Trunks (1:00)
I am a hog-sworbling pig-gorbling son of a gun
Gun-toting son of a nun
I am a gun
Track Name: Rat Bit
Rat Bit (0:38)
Track Name: The Fat Spiders Feel Like a Plank Blender
The Fat Spiders Feel Like a Plank Blender (0:46)
7 holes in the ground 6 temple mounds
5 sacred pillars 4 bleeding hounds

Post New York Post
Times New Roman
Track Name: Olde Dice Beard
Olde Dice Beard (1:00)
This town is as good as any
It’s got a dock and food and money
Said trip bandanas no but I do have a knife
A cutlass a blade a hook and now I’ve got yr wife
I must have you walk the plank
But I am still the captain of this ship
Some call me Hank
With a parrot on my knee and dice in my beard
Of all the scurvy knaves I be the most feared
(He’s got dice in his beard)
Track Name: 19 Minutes to Mexico
19 Minutes to Mexico (1:57)
19 minutes to Mexico…18 17…
I’m running out of gas right now
I should’ve got the raise that they promised me
I think I left my nailclippers at home
Both my wallet and my bones are broke
Momma’s going to be so angry when she finds out yer arrested
I hope I look like a scarecrow
Track Name: Bottled Bridemaker
Bottled Bridemaker (0:22)
We don’t know where we’re going today
Should we go some other way?
Track Name: BAD ACE
B.A.D. A.C.E. (0:31)
Bad Ace!
He’s got whiskey on his beard
He’s got women on his face
He plays the rock and roll guitar
He plays the drums real hard
He’s got a joker up his sleeve
He drinks beer
He’s got a wig but don’t tell
He’s got whiskey on his beard
Bad Ace!
Track Name: Big Feels
Big Feels (1:30)
Friends together friends forever
Psycho ward is filled with feathers

Children play with toilet paper
As they sing about octopus and seals
Organic corruption in shades of teal
Stale anecdotes can’t surmise a meal
Float above magma electromagnetized

Hungry man turkey dinner
2 minutes at full power
Track Name: Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Afternoon (2:00)
Well I feel lonely here playing chess solo
No one to talk to nowhere new to go
Until I see her stroll up sporting a smile
Breaking the mold the rank and file

Sunday afternoon
Lord going to take away my soul soon

Picnic weather can lift yr wrinkles
But black holes can steal yr twinkles
All the books written from age to age
Reading with the humility of a sage

Sunday afternoon Lord take my soul soon
I just feel it cos it’s Sunday afternoon