Raising Hell in Plaid

by No Sunlite for the Media

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no sunlite for the media: raising hell in plaid lyrics sheet to sing along to with us when we sing along to the samples that we steal from viny rekkerds we buy from thrift shops we put our lps in


released January 1, 2010



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No Sunlite for the Media Annandale

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Track Name: A Cocoon to Nowhere / Alleluia
1 a cocoon to nowhere (welcome to a new kind of listening experience) no sunlite is back with head smacking impact ten ton cracking yr back like you were struck by a jet beats jacked we got the breaks that broke the camel’s back shakespearean facts hamlet “i’m ill at these maths” whack rappers it’s sad they get knocked cleaned off the deck we’re hip hop dungeon rock putting annandale on the map so step back alleluia
Track Name: Pick You Up
2 pick you up i'm going to fall down i will pick you up i know it’s going to be a long time coming walking to jesus why aren’t we running? the ocean is not too dangerous to sail god threw us into the belly of a whale believe in the son even when it’s not sunny
Track Name: New Eve
3 new eve (come to me n i will make you whole) (tired from working tired of waiting tired of listening to the stupid radio) serpent bit my mother who was staring at the tree my mother bit the apple n she’s sharing it with me my brother ate the other n he’s blaming it on eve but now we’re all in trouble cos it costed us what’s free now i have a sore throat i chew dust all day someone bit my body somebody bit my mind someone ate mom’s apple pie n it had worms inside bring us back there (jesus)
Track Name: Cast Spells Not Votes
4 cast spells not votes we’re going to ride on a donkey into the sunlite jesus never rode on an elephant not even one time cast spells not votes
Track Name: Handel-Upon-Fairfax
5 handel-upon-fairfax there once was a rap group from fairfax whose motto was kick truth n blare tracks they saw that the media was getting much seedier so these kids they decided to tear back n rip the liars burn down with fires shred until all the medias dead n it’s tired swing swing swing chop chop chop bring back old school renew hip hop
Track Name: Hell
6 hell thinking yr styles significant to make a new video poppy hit our school systems messed up our tv reflects us it’s true that i think it’s ridiculous math raps are mellifluous flow running into this sick of dip thinking we can’t ever think again pick yr friends wisely those who aren’t yesmen impress them with philosophies that just might test them cos right isn’t wrong tomorrow night tempted by the same golden cow that got the israelites n hold on now don’t turn that down emcees are allowed to have matter to rap about you want to ignore cos i mention christ’s name once or twice but not enough to use it in vain forget slaying emcees i got demons to beat prayers that need knees n dreams we can reach if it doesn’t sound like the hip hop you’d want to hear steer clear cos it’s real sincerely yrs dearly most feared ps yes it may sound weird but queerly yer tuned into something less near to the human spirit that we all can’t ignore we’re aiming for heaven cos hell’s for the bored hell is a place where nothing ever happens i got enough verbal flavor to feed a whole army but it ain’t much a favor if others keep starving hand a snake to a child who asks for an egg or a pamphlet to clothe that old beggar instead we use that old edutainment the mediums n messages on hip hop arrangements nsftm specialize in music we only use this sort of style to improve it two things i can’t stand are yr pop n yr hits two things that i love are the pops n the hiss the clicks of real vinyl the sticks n the scratches the beat digging hell raising samples to match it we make sure it’s reality not just fake rapping towards heaven for real it’s where everything’s happening
Track Name: Panda
7 panda pander to the panda bear i’m a rational dude at the national zoo in a passionate mood throwing cash at you give the children what they want so they’ll stop their crying vote for one of those presidents so they’ll stop their lying we’ve been told we’ve sold our souls but in this economic time who’s buying
Track Name: Be Thou My Vision
8 be thou my vision be thou my winter my spring summer fall changes occurring still you are my all yr wind will free me if i don’t fight back be thou my sunlite when the devil attacks
Track Name: What's Real
9 what’s real (look at them all laughing playing having fun they must be nuts) the beat won’t stop n the beat won’t quit when no sunlite is doing this dip the demons will pop n diablo will flinch when no sunlite calls out suckers for perverting hop hip yer whack like jack kero on the road to nowhere math will flash a beatdown on whoever acts the new pharaoh let my people move yr mind will follow hollow times bid us but we’re looking past the sorry being sad for an hour or two then buck up suck up guts or we’ll be ate up by the vultures perched on the cross for the corpse yet we got it first cease the hearse stop digging the dirt joseph of arimathea help me bury either of these weak beavers entombed where they can’t get angelic hosts to roll the stone neither we reanimate low levels of hell stagnate yer stuck it’s nuts that you didn’t heed the warning the globe ain’t getting hotter but the underground is warming hell lava sneaking up thru the earth’s surface burbling foreshadowing yr downward facefirst hurling yr less holier than thou attitude doesn’t quite cut it humble doesn’t mean everyone’s more right than you so shut it shut down yer a bigger monster than the politicians they’re working for mammon but yer cooking in his kitchen stuck closer to the dying do the pungent scents attract you? whack fool i have something to say tho it will pass you drastic hits you’ve got to rage against the dying light pacifist? but the children need someone to fight for them there’s a time for war too did you just read half of ecclesiastes? or is it just half true? fists to demons heads or aimed up in a prayer i mean it’s over when i’m dead i hope i see you if i get there three words get this thru you think yer men of steel? hell is real
Track Name: Fly Pigeon
10 fly pigeon in the mystic woods of the northern lands lived a man named bean in a cave the woods were desolate n he was lonely as a grave he spent his time making potions a little bit of that n a smidgeon of this he wrote letters that expressed his thoughts n attached them to a pigeon’s wrist fly pigeon the letters would arrive at their destination to his lover who lived in the south she would read those letters n long for the kisses that came from his mouth why must bean live so far away in a land where i must not go? fly pigeon fly n tell him what he needs to know fly pigeon evil trolls had found the pigeon n caught him in a trap they traced the letters back to bean n decided to attack with pitchforks high n torches ablaze they marched upon bean’s cave bean knew he soon would be dead so he began to pray his mystic powers of sorcery caused fireballs to shoot from his eyes the trolls were shocked charred n horrified he took out his magic wand n made a pigeon of unusual size take me to my lover of the south fly pigeon fly
Track Name: Why Do You Break Yr Legs
11 why do you break yr legs (i’ll alert the media) can’t sleep too many ideas in my consciousness go for a stroll under the stars where the air is crisp can’t focus in this locus too close to home it’s time to find perspective in the hills or ocean i guess to the vehicle grab a box of cereal put on my spectacles see the tank’s a quarter full heading east now beating on my brow i’m remembering the thoughts that brought me out if we live forever why live for pointless pleasure? triviality distracts my spiritual endeavor hit the coast i see sand spread endlessly man on a mission to end the world’s apathy / n me i’m still as mathematical as usual creating more hop hip that’s super it soothes the soul people criticize it’s too lo-fi you got too many songs the market needs less supply but you missed the point sucker it’s to keep us from forgetting that the monkey body needs shedding we ain’t aiding n abetting criminals who make this genre make us throw it up here take this molotov cocktail we’ll blow it up every time i break my legs people ask me get us rolling folding ain’t an option with the conscience holding tight n stopping us from acting unright get the goal in sight hell on the left heaven on the right / beavers i like them lungless rappers i like them toungeless break down mold feed off the dead like a fungus funkless reborn thru the lyrical storm shut down whack rap heck we don’t even turn it out (boy she would’ve made a great nun)
Track Name: Born in the Crypt of the Organ Donor
12 born in the crypt of the organ donor (my lord ain’t no stuck up man he’s a friend of mine when he went to heaven his soul on fire he told me i was going he said sure you’ll come with me be my friend thru eternity)
Track Name: How Great Thou Art
13 how great thou art when i witness mother mary advertised as jewelry n commodities made out of saints making cash off the sacred heart i think of christ thrashing money grubbers all across the temple what an awesome man who is god how great thou art
Track Name: Googly Eyed Monster
14 googly eyed monster i know that ghoul it’s the same one that crawled under my bed greasy palms n pinkish fur i recognize thru the window he’s got those three heads he peaks up at me when i’m sleeping to see my reaction with those long n googly eyes he’s a handsome charming little beast always wearing fashionable ties n it’s funny that’s the same place i throw my newspapers underneath my bed is where they lie n he’s calling up to me reading me the ads i wonder what next he’ll advertise what’s he going to try to get me to buy for $44.95? n i wonder where he’ll be when i’m at my nine to five with those googly eyes some people say the devil has all the good tunes in hell that’s only cos on earth we never learned how to use all of them well in hell there’s not going to be a turntable spinning vinyl there’s no quiet n there’s no songs the cds will burn but there’s only disquieting noise you can’t hum along n the more we don’t believe in that monster underneath the bed the stronger he’s calling you down the media wasn’t bombarding you enough? now you need demons n devils to help you drown n he’s real too you can’t ignore the googly eyes the demon’s got you singing his dirges in heaven there’s all sorts of musical excursions no more googly eyes
Track Name: Wall of Death
15 wall of death take me down to the wall of death n (let me ride) (no sunshine) emcees saying nothing like cha-cha all they got me saying is ha while they pump those phony messages i’ll gather the vestiges of anything worth holding onto in this world but you see young lady that’s yr problem right there what’s of this world you know you can’t even care cos all those industries n all those big wigs are waltzing towards emptiness in all their nice digs n you got to keep yr head above remember his undying love n don’t forget that at the end the great big gig that new life awaits as angels do a jig got to form that mound stand up with real sound phony emcees reeling round n round can’t even know their lyrics should be heaven bound living in but not of this world of strife spider demons casting webs in this tangled tango life it’s all got me questioning what the heck is this? n why do I exist? n is he in our midst? n I could try to list what everyone’s missed but as you would guess it’d be over processed n upchucked downplayed swept under the rug as married merry mary cries n her heartstrings tug from pollution n debris of those beaver emcees spitting lines of false gains as they polka through our brains let me ride on the wall of death closest to life on the edge of that height you ain’t alive if yer afraid to die you could waste yr time on those other rides those weak approaches to life that are prosunlite oh no not sight but faith walking the ropes tight gaining level up extra life means if you die tonight did you lose what the world says it is that you need? did you prove yerself as more than just an emcee? did you do what you say n say what you mean? or did you flee to demons in yr pop rap fantasy me? skip the easy path word on the new math world gained=life lost can’t erase or turn back to be exact we kick fresh raps with a fresh mind to see the son’s light we avoid that sunshine
Track Name: Robots
16 robots (robots) (do not readjust the sound level) robots swarming in the sky eating all the pie they don’t wear shoes that fit i don’t trust them one bit artificial homosapiens making beats is how we work it don’t push too hard cos we might short circuit anthropologically all humans need sleep n if you don’t get it then you whimper n weep which is why the price for robots is steep it costs a lot of cash to get that beep beep bo beep hey man i’m really tired i am not that is how i’m wired hey man i just got fired our manual labor will never expire
Track Name: Megaman
17 megaman rappers need to level up instead remain hella stuck the bell is struck so it becomes more than a cup signaling the game is on we punch out like mike tysons hold in reset make sure the device is in mappyland mice n men can’t control tight like me on adventure island i run the gauntlet fight in two-d i crush rhymes like slimes n i’m the dragon warrior rap fans need more of yr boring verbiage like i need killer excitebike scores i’m rad like gravity never out of batteries i got more game than the addams got family i’m badder than bad dudes i’m madder than marbles harder than die hard like a dragon i double the skills of emcees who otherwise are speaking bard’s tales like hard mail i deliver where the paperboy fails i’m the whack emcee pelter legendary like zelda bosses running helter skelter seeking shelter from the bombs that the bomberman drops gaiden rappers liken ninja no sunlite no star tropics im the megaman im the mathman
Track Name: Goat on a Rope
18 goat on a rope don’t you think the goat surely would have surely rather have been freed? don’t you stand there while all the chimps swing from the trees get out yr scissors get on yr coat get out yr knife to cut out the goat i got yr ax n i got yr goat n i know what you want from me goat on a rope tied to a post we want more than just the most we want more than just a little more a goat on a rope sings a note without hope bones are poking thru the skin of the sheep thrones are stowed away where princes sit for free stones are throwing thru the windows in my sleep own what i own is me slide slice why gut that ram when there’s perfect meat in front of me? get out yr scissors get out yr gun load up the bullets to shoot down yr son i got yr ax n i got yr goat but what you want is yet to be done
Track Name: All Hail the Power
19 all hail the power no sunlite for the media to him our eyes shall turn all idols here we put to scorn n crown him lord of all
Track Name: Half Man Half Crab
20 half man half crab there’s an aircraft on the beach n half my carcass lies underneath this ain’t just spring break gone bad no one wants to talk to half man half crab i can’t swim on the water n i can’t breathe in the sand i always bleed i never scab half man half crab half son half dad tried like a champ but i can’t never win every other lady stab me in the back fin poor soft shell blue eye crack claw half old bay with a human flaw crabcake baking in the sun homosapien crustacean
Track Name: Dip vs. Cream
21 dip vs. cream (the battle rhyme we’ve meant to do for a long, long time math is dip of course josh is cream you decide)
Track Name: Retroflexing the Youth / Rhino / Dentist
22 retroflexing the youth moth mouth sloth made wallace baking lemonade peaceful government modeled fizzbin we’ve got all these places lived in brachiate with a flying gibbon tied up fast with a rainbow ribbon rhino who’s in charge of the charging rhino? i know mary had a little rhino its fleece was hard n grey n everywhere that mary went everyone would say i know humpty dumpty sat upon a rhino humpty fell off the wall cos humpty was a wino who’s in charge of the charging rhino? you don’t even know that i know that you don’t know you don’t even know i know rhino dentist i should’ve never gone to that dentist I should’ve stayed at home n watched baseball concert jammed wu-tang (or darkthrone) movie played starcraft dentist baseball
Track Name: We Shall Not Be Moved
23 we shall not be moved know the lord is in us dancing like an ewok rapping in the dungeon just like a tree planted by the water we shall not be moved
Track Name: O Walter
24 o walter ring the doorbell there’s something i must say the weather’s hit a dryspell it served me on a tray i bore my second child in a barrel full of hay n now he has a headache his stomach has a pain ride-ride-ray daphne saw him coming upon his favorite steed she nearly popped the hopcakes to see her boy in lead o walter tell that woman that she has not to fear i’ve raised him as a walter on sawdust beans n beer o walter oh my walter’s shoes are soleless his wife is with the goats he’s slipping on the tarmac n falling in the moat he’s framing possibilities within the realm of time i had only come to warn him good friends are hard to find nsftm nsftm nsftm no sunlite for the media nsftm nsftm nsftm nsftm no sunlite for the media .......