Ungulate Ululations

by No Sunlite for the Media

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released February 19, 2012



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Track Name: Folksongs
Ungulate UlulationsoneFolksongs(0:19)(some people call these folksongs all the songs i ever heard in my life is folksongs i never heard horses sing)
Track Name: Hiding in the Garbage
twoHiding In The Garbage(0:39)take you down to the garbagedump im going to find you something so nice you know that you cant hide what youve been eating
Track Name: Words Wounds
threeWords Wounds(1:37)model of the moon as seen from mars is far but not beyond the stars look up look out beyond the bars of gold were sold to us today before but after the morrow was straight but then we learned to hateful words do hurt we rise on up a tree w/o a melody if you dont believe my words @ least believe my wounds under the bright sun well all get burned n quite crispy well meant daddyeper than the well of sorceryassess but dont possess a thingk about yr doubt r doubt nothing of gold of olde is rotting ting a ring a ling a ding we singk below we row to stay afloat
Track Name: Clack
fourClack(0:41)claws detached n lodged in barebacks speckled blueshells are rotting unhatched who could you leave by the curbside to die unfried in the moonlight im calling for fire clouds to come cleaning n dovefeather preening a netherworld that neither of us were dreaming
Track Name: End Bend
fiveEnd Bend(2:06) grown olde chew the brownest grass stomach slumping go home theres no other source that is something low smoke slapping wings above thunder thumping is the sun so hi are the feet this lo storms in the sky dragging us toward home but safe w/i our bones wont grow unwatered unquenched just a throne for mold so safer w/o empty out windows reverse aquarium n skip these toes thru bloody stones can you hear the call from the valleys end sliding down thru the trough of the earth yr pain does it roll down yr spine like a friend n bend disease into worth into strength taking breaths n notes from trees sap it bleeds pulp stationery yr mark has been made paper burns ink stays thru the hardest of days yr skin will gray but never raise earth usurping its own greenery these scenes are not simply scenery
Track Name: Cicada Bullets
sixCicada Bullets(1:02)fraying from the center frames bent funds spent n nothing but nothing inside for the lens decorate the outside n miss the whole point an endless hole thats also depthless cant even be destroyed fraying from the center bullet casing r dried cicada skin autumn is pacing but you wont let it begin so hold up the sketchbook shake hands that are unshook my guitar pukes pink fluorescent hunger build the now into never meanwhile drain a minute into forever bullet casings r dried cicada skin autumn is pacing but it wont let us begin
Track Name: Know Guess
sevenKnow Guess(1:01)(sing some of the songs that we sing worksongs songs of freedom lovesongs n songs of brotherhood all are interrelated n show mans quest for a better world) sometimes you know that you must go i had hoped (too many songs) the list of songs is getting too long tried to play the notes i played them wrong sometimes we know sometimes we must go sometimes we dont i had hoped n the greenest grass i ever saw was carried down that waterfall n ice is home if yr minds a bone it stops growing once yer getting olde n a guess you guess is as good as a guess you know
Track Name: Sound Muscles
eightSound Muscles(1:33)they dont ride into heaven on back of a cloud you dont hear the music if its just sounds waiting for rest is the rest in the grave are the rest of the graves for myself being saved unsafe in the face of danger explain another cliche to be written erased taken down a few octaves rewritten arranged yet the same sort of nothings so scathed well behaved we dont rest in a heaven of whitepuffy clouds sometimes we hear music amidst all these sounds
Track Name: Crying at My Grave
nineCrying At My Grave(2:31)when on this earth my eyes dont open my brains are blown n ive stopped choking dont you be crying @ my grave when my mouth is closed n im not singing then its time for the men to start their digging but no one should be crying @ my grave dancing @ the face of death laughing after each lastbreath the best new housewarming party you could ask for so celebrate if you like my new home leave a gift @ the door my tombstone but save the finest bit of wine for you you all got a lot more living to do now if a man dies n his souls a ruin the devil will have a lot more food to be chewing still no one should be cos hope doesnt mean to be madworried n either way gods justice has been serving so why would you be dont start to thinking i wont be watching cos there had better be party antics starting soon as you stop there is no greater reason to drink than to celebrate the day a mans bones did sink so no one should be we arent so unlucky as to live forever since we all most go our stay is better so dont you be cry for the living if you must spill eyedust pray for my sinning my cussing n my lust but still dont be crying @ my grave
Track Name: Our Eyes, O Sleeper
tenOur Eyes, O Sleeper!(5:11)forced into a cave the moon stays still when it rises but not tonight get off yr backs the people in darkness have seen a great light no tarblack smokestacks tearing down our eyes were sunk beneath the depth we feel ten sorts of hurt yes life has struck back see what will emerge arise o sleeper rise w a newbreath you have one left the people in darkness have seen a great light we have no more will we have too much time letting slip the opportunity resigned from battle n again marches the shadow arise o sleeper rise w a new breath you have one left / xoxo / no sunlite for the media / negative 666 folk for 2k11 / strings beats singing by nsftm / is this part ii of dungeonfolk? / arise o sleeper rise with a new breath you have one / nsftm.blogspot.com / xoxo