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9 what’s real (look at them all laughing playing having fun they must be nuts) the beat won’t stop n the beat won’t quit when no sunlite is doing this dip the demons will pop n diablo will flinch when no sunlite calls out suckers for perverting hop hip yer whack like jack kero on the road to nowhere math will flash a beatdown on whoever acts the new pharaoh let my people move yr mind will follow hollow times bid us but we’re looking past the sorry being sad for an hour or two then buck up suck up guts or we’ll be ate up by the vultures perched on the cross for the corpse yet we got it first cease the hearse stop digging the dirt joseph of arimathea help me bury either of these weak beavers entombed where they can’t get angelic hosts to roll the stone neither we reanimate low levels of hell stagnate yer stuck it’s nuts that you didn’t heed the warning the globe ain’t getting hotter but the underground is warming hell lava sneaking up thru the earth’s surface burbling foreshadowing yr downward facefirst hurling yr less holier than thou attitude doesn’t quite cut it humble doesn’t mean everyone’s more right than you so shut it shut down yer a bigger monster than the politicians they’re working for mammon but yer cooking in his kitchen stuck closer to the dying do the pungent scents attract you? whack fool i have something to say tho it will pass you drastic hits you’ve got to rage against the dying light pacifist? but the children need someone to fight for them there’s a time for war too did you just read half of ecclesiastes? or is it just half true? fists to demons heads or aimed up in a prayer i mean it’s over when i’m dead i hope i see you if i get there three words get this thru you think yer men of steel? hell is real


from Raising Hell in Plaid, released January 1, 2010



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